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Want to Switch to Green Cleaning Products?

Cleaning your home the green way can save you money and improve your health. Homemade, green cleaning products can help you have the sparkling clean home you want. You can have a clean, green home without the expense, dangerous chemicals, and strong odors that go along with many commercially available cleaning products. Making your own green cleaning products can save you a bundle and it is great for your health.

Why Choose Green Cleaning Products?

Have you ever noticed that walking down the cleaner aisle in the grocery store gives you a headache? If you have asthma or allergies, you might notice a tightening in your chest as well. All those chemical odors are bad for you. Every time you use those chemicals in your home, the residue lingers on the surfaces and the gases hang in the air in your home.

Chlorine bleach used to flow like water in nearly every American home. Now we know that those chlorine gases are hanging in the air in our homes for up to 3 days after use? Now, add in all the other odors and gases that are leftover from typical cleaning products. Is it any wonder that asthma and allergies are increasing? With just a little know-how, you can learn to make your own green cleaning products that will get your home clean without harsh chemicals.

Of course, these chemicals are also hard on the environment. How many millions of gallons of home cleaning products flow into the water treatment plants each year? How many more escape into lakes, streams, groundwater and more? We simply don’t know how these chemicals will interact with each other – or what damage they are are doing to us and our world. Green cleaning products are made with simple ingredients that are easy on the planet.

Green Cleaning Products Can Save You Big Money

Finally, green cleaning products are easy on your wallet. With just a handful of ingredients, you can make effective, great-smelling, inexpensive cleaning products for every room in your home. Stick around and read through the articles here, you’ll find all kinds of ideas for keeping your home clean and green. Enjoy!

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